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Gerrit Meier

What the Graph?

Gerrit Meier - Neo4j

Today we generate huge volumes of data daily. This data coming from collaborating humans and machines is highly interconnected and related by its very nature. We can derive much more value if we don’t treat those as isolated datapoints. We already left the state of surprise that a social network can tell us which friends of our friends have similar tastes and behaviors as we do. But with this connected data comes additional complexity to manage. Which should be handled in a suitable database, a graph database. The obvious next step is get your interrelated data into such a storage, connect your application to it and interact with the database on a certain level of abstraction to implement your business requirements. This talk will show how Neo4j stores data in the graph and how to access and manipulate it using the Neo4j Object Graph Mapper and Spring Data Neo4j. We will also discuss the areas where a object graph mapper can help you and where it is considered to be not the best option.