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Viktor Gamov

Josh Long

Stream Processing with the Spring Framework (Like You’ve Never Seen It Before)

Viktor Gamov - Confluent / Josh Long - Pivotal

Let’s assume you are eager to refactor your existing monolith, legacy system, or other to-be-deprecated code into a shiny new event-driven system. And let us assume, while you are in the process, that you want to use the Spring Framework as your guiding architectural substrate. These are not just cool things to do—they are measured, well-informed, downright wise architectural decisions with may successful projects behind them.

In this talk, Viktor Gamov and Josh Long will live-code their way to a small, functioning, microservices-based web application. We’ll use Spring Boot for the web interfaces, Apache Kafka to integrate the services, and of course Spring for Kafka as the API between the two. If you want to use Spring and Kafka together, apply the right patterns, avoid the wrong antipatterns, and generally get a good glimpse into a solid toolset for building a modern Java web application, look no further. We hope to see you in the session!