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Jeroen Sterken

Migrating a modern spring web application to serverless

Jeroen Sterken - Faros

In this presentation we want to share how we transformed a typical spring realtime web application called “Pigslot” into a serverless application. This application is about … (you guessed it) : pigs, allowing our customer to offer timeslots to farmers so they can make a reservation to deliver their pigs to the slaughterhouse.

A talk that might be avoided by vegetarians although the use case was all about animal welfare! So come join us if you want to know all about a pig’s journey to serverless and the challenges we encountered to make this a serverless application for easy scaling and resource optimization. We will share our experiences and give you tips and tricks on what we learned in the process, like:

- Spring resource optimization
- Server side rendering versus fat clients
- Session management
- Realtime UI updates in serverless environments
- Connecting functions
- Security
- Portability between cloud providers
- …