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Bartłomiej Słota

Managing Business Processes in Microservice Architecture with Spring Ecosystem

Bartłomiej Słota - Bottega IT Minds

Thousands of companies around the world try to identify, automate and optimize their business processes. Buying an off-the-shelf solution is often a first choice, and it’s no surprise - shiny diagrams, workflows, process history, reports are just a few examples of what the business is looking for. At the same time, in the era of agile software development, we learned how utilize DDD and microservices to deliver products better and quicker. Can we have a BPM suite, then, that will both meet business expectations and suit microservice and agile development approaches?

In this presentation I will share with you my story about Business Process Management, showing you the possibilities of bringing BPM and microservices together. We will look at this topic from perspectives of business, architecture, development and tools. We will try to answer most frequent questions and doubts, including security, traceability, transaction handling, delivery, etc. You will also see how to implement proposed solutions with Spring goodies and Apache Kafka.