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Matthias Haeussler

Kubernetes and/or Cloud Foundry - How to run your Spring Boot Microservices on state-of-the-art cloud platforms

Matthias Haeussler - NovaTec Consulting

Platform and Container as a Service layers (PaaS/CaaS) enable developers to deliver the functionality of their code to end users in a fast way. Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry are very popular options to deploy and run Spring Boot Microservices.

But what does it really take to get your application and required backend services up and running successfully on both platforms? How many configuration steps are required and where are the hidden pitfalls? How easy do you scale, recover from failure or update the application without downtime?

In my role as Cloud advocate and university lecturer for distributed systems I come across these topics a lot and want to share my experience with this talk. I will analyse the differences between the two platforms as seen from a developer’s perspective including a live demo of those steps.