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Erdem Günay

Let's build Cloud Native, Reactive, live score streaming app [Workshop]

Erdem Günay - Turkcell

What we will build

In this workshop, we will build a cloud native, reactive Spring Boot application from scratch.

How we will do it

First we will start by creating a Spring Boot web application and make this application cloud native, and reactive throughout the workshop by adding functionalities step by step. At the end of the workshop we will have fully functioning REST APIs which process the requests in reactive way and access the data from Redis. We will also have REST API for sending the notifications to clients as Server Sent Events which are backed by Kafka.

We will utilize following Spring components so that our application will be ready for cloud native deployments.

- Spring Boot devtools
- Spring Boot actuator
- Spring Boot webflux
- Spring Cloud config
- Spring Cloud service discovery (Eureka client & server)
- Spring Data reactive-redis
- Spring Data reactive-kafka
- Server sent events


We will discuss together what are the next steps you can take from here and what other topics you can use.


In order to follow the workshop, it's good idea to have the following ready on your system:
- JDK 8 or above
- IDE supporting Spring development, e.g. STS, Eclipse, Intellij IDEA, etc.
- Redis
- Kafka

GitHub repo: