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Joris Kuipers

Boot Loot - up your game and Spring like the pros

Joris Kuipers - Trifork

Spring Boot offers many features on top of the underlying Spring frameworks. You’re probably familiar already with things like autoconfiguration and the actuator support. But are you using custom autoconfiguration and type-safe configuration classes in your projects already? Do you know how to customize your RestTemplates in such a way that the instrumentation from Boot and Cloud is still applied as well? Have you thought about reducing the cardinality of certain Boot-provided metrics, or defining your own? Migrating older Spring applications to Boot, so you really need that external directory included on your classpath? In this fast-paced presentation Joris will open up his bag of tips & tricks and best practices based on his years of experience in applying Spring Boot and Cloud in a variety of production situations. Whether you’re new to Spring Boot or a long-time user, this talk will leave you with several hands-on techniques that you can start applying to your own projects right away!